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Ceramic Water Filters
Long-lasting ceramic water filters by Doulton and Aqua Cera. Also work in Berkefeld filters. ** PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE ** We will match or beat any legitimate competitor's price!

How To Choose a Water Filter

  • Step 1 - Choose whether you want a Stainless Steel Body, Food-grade Plastic Body, or whether you want to build your own filter using two buckets you purchase locally.

  • Step 2 - Choose the brand of ceramic candle (the actual filtering elements of the water filter) you want. Doulton (same as Berkefeld) is a well known brand and has a rich history. Aqua Cera is is a newer player, but offers a Black ceramic candle and also the CeraMetix candle that removes fluoride. Click on one of the blue boxes below to perform step 2.

  • Step 3 - Choose the quantity and type of ceramic candles. Within both brands, there are standard candles that remove bacteria and chemicals, then there are upgraded candles that also remove lead, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Lowest Price Guarantee

St. Paul Mercantile will match any competitor's price on Doulton and Aqua Cera brand water filters. Competitor's offer must be a legitimate offer of an in-stock product. Email or call us (info at top of this page) if you find a better deal.

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Informational Downloads

CLICK HERE to read our Water Filters FAQ Document
CLICK HERE to see Drinking Water Requirements, Water Storage Methods, Description of over-the-counter Water Filters

Why Buy Doulton, Berkefeld and Aqua Cera Water Filters?

CLICK HERE for More Info on Ceramic Filters

First, let me clear something up. Doulton and Berkefeld water filters are made by the same company - the Doulton-Berkefeld company. They were two companies many decades ago, but today they are one company. They continue to sell under two names due to name recognition in different countries. All of their ceramic candles are manufactured by Fairy Industrial Ceramics in England, so it doesn't matter which brand name is stamped on the bottom of the filter - they are the same.

We now sell the Aqua Cera CeraSyl, CeraCarb (black ceramic) and CeraMetix (remove fluoride) candles as well. Aqua Cera candles use finer ceramic particles so the filtration is a tad better than the Doulton candles. Aqua Cera CeraSyl candles are equivalent to Doulton Super Sterasyl candles. Aqua Cera CeraCarb candles are equivalent to Doulton Super Sterasyl ATC candles. The CeraMetix candles are at this time the ONLY single candle solution to removing fluoride (along with bacteria and chemicals).

Why use Ceramic Filters?

Ceramic filters cost a little more than paper/carbon filters, but they last much longer, so the cost per gallon of water will be cheaper in the long run with ceramic filters. They have other benefits as well.

Each ceramic filter, or candle, is made of diatomaceous earth (crushed fossils) that has been ground, then liquified, then baked in a ceramic kiln. They are called "candles" because they resemble a fat, wax candle. Water molecules are small enough to work their way through the ceramic candles, but water-bourn organisms and bacteria are too large, so they get trapped on the outside of the filter. Only clean, filtered water drips into the freshwater holding tank at the bottom of the filter.

The ceramic candles are impregnated with silver which inhibits the growth of bacteria. After the ceramic candle traps the bacteria, the silver makes them unable to reproduce. Ceramic candles can be cleaned and reused many times. As the pores in the candles filter out particles and bacteria, they get clogged and the water production slows. When it slows to the point that the water production rate no longer meets you family's needs, you simply remove the candles, clean them with a brush or 3M pad, rinse and reinstall them. This process removes a tiny fraction of the clogged ceramic particles, thereby exposing a new, clean ceramic surface. If you are filtering well water or municipal water, you may go six months or more between cleanings. If your water is murky and contains bacteria, you might need to clean the filter weekly.

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