OPENING SOON! Ceramic Candles available now, but you must call to order. By late October, I will have 3 sizes of stainless steel water filters for sale plus the Butterfly Brand Oven, all of the multi-wick Butterfly Kerosene Stovesand the #2412 Brass Pressure stove. I will also have parts and parts kits for the brass stoves and #828 Butterfly Pressure Lantern. 301-616-7549
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Kerosene Stoves and Oven
These products are an inexpensive way to cook without electricity or natural gas.

(Click Me) KEROSENE - Fuel of Choice, Where to Buy, How to Store

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Fuel Funnels that Remove Water

Cast Iron Cooking for your Kerosene Stove

Lighting Alternatives

Heating Alternatives (no electricity required)

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Other Stuff

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