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Kosmos Concierge Brass Oil Lamp
Kosmos Concierge Solid Brass Oil Lamp (Read more below.)

$97.95 + 9.00 shipping

Item #Concierge L44
DimensionsSee Detail
Kosmos oil lamps have been manufactured in France since 1869. They are among the finest lamps in the world, made from the best materials with strict quality control and finishing touches that are still performed by craftsmen just as was done over 100 years ago. St. Paul Mercantile evaluated the major available brands, searching for the best mix of quality, value, durability/maintainability and brightness. Some brands offered lower cost, others offered brighter lamps. But the Kosmos brand matched the leaders in build quality, while offering more durability and maintainability, at a lower price. The burner on this lamp should last a lifetime. The chimney is made of a super strong borosilicate glass that is more resistant to thermal shock that common glass chimneys. The tank and burner are made of solid brass.

Kosmos Oil Lamp includes the following:

  • Kosmos Concierge Solid Brass Lamp Model L44 (wick and chimney included)
  • Lamp has a handle that doubles as a wall hanger


  • Height - 15 inches
  • Light Output - Average 14 Candle Power
  • Tank Capacity - 12 ounces (6 Hours)


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