Miles Stair's Wick Shop Customer Specials

Offers Valid through 12/31/2011

Welcome to, where you will find the widest selection of Butterfly brand Kerosene Stoves and Family Preparedness products that will help you survive an emergency. We have the largest selection of kerosene stoves in the USA, plus a camping oven that can be used with most of the stoves. We have kerosene lanterns, hurricane lanterns, Doulton and Berkefeld water filters, LED flashlights, non-hybrid garden seeds, solar and crank-powered radios, and more.

Check out our Family Emergency Kits on our main website. We have a comprehensive kit for $429 (a savings of about $200 over buying all the items individually), and a smaller version of the kit for only $236.

Feel free to call us at 301-616-7549, or tollfree at 888-395-1164. Or email us at


This offer expired December 2011.